Mentorship Workshops and Events

The Office of Faculty Development (OFD) believes that personal connections are essential for thriving mentoring relationships. We host a series of events and workshops for faculty to connect with new mentors/mentees and learn new skills for supportive communication. The workshop topics vary, and some are offered on a continual basis or by request. We are always interested in your suggestions. Email to let us know how we can help.

List of Workshops and Events

Mentor the Mentor

Small group training workshop to strengthen mentoring skills provided in four, one-hour discussions. Juan Wisnivesky, MD, DrPH and Jenny Lin, MD, are trained facilitators of this program at Mount Sinai Icahn, which is adapted from the University of Wisconsin’s Entering Mentoring program.

A Dialogue on Thriving in Academic Medicine

Session devoted to exploring how the mentor-mentee relationship fosters the development and success of Women and/or BIPOC faculty in academic medicine? Co-sponsored by the Offices of Diversity and Inclusion; Gender Equity; Well-being and Resilience; the Office for Women’s Careers; and the Center for Scientific Diversity.

Faculty First

Small group lunches with junior faculty and Dean Charney to discuss leading in academia. We invite members of the OFD community and junior faculty recommended by department mentoring leaders.

Networking Events

Events that encourage small group discussion and facilitate new connections.