1. Cancer Biology
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Cancer is a group of genetically driven diseases that affect many people and many organ systems. Through huge efforts in medicine and education, and driven by findings in research laboratories, some cancers have detailed and effective therapies, while others remain a challenge. However, in many cases, patients still succumb to their cancers as they evolve, spread to other organs, and become more difficult to treat. Researchers in the Cancer Biology multidisciplinary training area tackle these issues in an integrated and multidisciplinary manner, using both model systems and studies in humans. Gene and pathway discovery of the signaling, genome integrity, epigenetic and spread (metastasis) that drives these events remains at the root of longer-term studies that lead to effective diagnoses and treatments that make real differences in people’s lives. As part of the Cancer Biology multidisciplinary training area, you would become an active contributor to ongoing efforts.

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Research Areas

The faculty of the Cancer Biology multidisciplinary training area conduct research across an incredible breadth of disciplines. Meet the investigators who are changing and advancing the field of cancer biology.

Chromatin Structure and Epigenetics researchers include:

Identification of Novel Targets researchers include:

Mestasis and Microenvironment researchers include:

Prevention/Quality of Life researchers include: