Our microbiology laboratories are alive with discovery and innovation in our field.

Lab Name Description
Bajic Lab We are structural biologists interested in immune recognition of viruses. We study both the host cell receptors and their complexes with viral glycoproteins by using integrative structural biology approaches - cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography - combined with biochemistry, immunology and virology techniques.
Bogunovic Lab Focusing on the study of innate and adaptive immune systems using human forward immunogenetics
Bouvier Lab Studying host and viral factors that affect the respiratory transmission of influenza viruses
Branch Lab Conducting a wide variety of research on Hepatitis C Virus
Chen Lab Exploring the use of clinical genome informatics
Evans Lab Investigating how hosts and viruses interact, with a focus on the hepatitis C virus
Fernandez-Sesma Lab Researching the interactions of  important human pathogens with primary human immune cells
Hioe Laboratory Investigating HIV envelope-mediated immunity and pathogenesis to design more effective preventive and therapeutic measures against HIV
Johnson Lab Studies how pathogens remodel their host environments.
Krammer Lab Conducting research in various aspects of microbiology
Lee Lab Exploring how viruses co-opt basic cell biological processes, and the myriad strategies used by viruses to propagate themselves
Lim Lab Studying leukocyte trafficking events at the molecular and cellular level as they relate to host defense mechanisms and genetic susceptibility; developing new models to evaluate WNV and other flavivirus infections
Marazzi Lab Investigating epigenetic- and chromatin- mediated control of gene expression in the context of cellular response to pathogens or cellular differentiation
Moran Lab Collaborating on researchers in the design and development of monoclonal antibodies
Palese Lab Focusing on genetic make-up and biology of viruses, as well as virus-host interactions
Rosenberg Lab Studies host response to viral infection using genomics technologies
Simon Lab Investigating virus-host interactions using retroviruses including HIV, SIV, HTLV and human endogenous retroviruses
tenOever Lab Focusing on the interplay between RNA viruses and small RNAs
Tortorella Lab Examining how viruses evade immune detection
Weber Lab Focusing on on adeno-associated virus, a promising gene therapy vector
Zolla-Pazner Lab Developing and testing rationally-designed vaccines to prevent HIV infection, and also using the HIV envelope epitopes bound by human monoclonal antibodies to guide our vaccine design and test the vaccines in rabbits and monkeys to screen which vaccines are most immunogenic and should proceed to human trials.