Postdoc Services

We want to help you succeed and achieve your career goals, and we know that there can be challenges along the way. With that in mind we have developed resources that can guide and assist you in such areas as access to high-end instrumentation, help with your first grant application, career planning assistance or help interpreting a tax treaty. You can find information and links here.

International Personnel

Postdoctoral Fellows who are nationals of countries other than the United States may obtain visas with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai’s International Personnel division. In addition to receiving a visa through the office, non-US nationals are required to maintain contact with the office. The office has information on subjects such as taxes and offers workshops and seminars to enhance your career.

If a postdoctoral fellow on a J-1 visa wishes to obtain an Adjunct Faculty position or teach at an institution outside Mount Sinai, they will need to contact International Personnel and show documentation from the other institution stating their appointment terms as well as written permission from their PI. Please review and complete the Teaching Policy for International Postdocs.

Postdoc Listserv

When you join ISMMS as a postdoctoral fellow, you will be enrolled in our listserv which is maintained by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. We encourage you to look at it regularly as it contains important information about upcoming seminars and events that are important for trainees. If you haven’t begun to receive the Listserv emails within two weeks of your arrival, please contact

Conflict Resolution

If you are faced with a conflict with your PI, a fellow postdoc, or any of your other colleagues you should make an effort to resolve the issue informally. If that fails you may need to arrange a more formal discussion with the department administrator or chair in attendance. If the issue has still not been resolved, please contact