Supporting Our Postdocs

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the United Auto Workers union have begun collective bargaining over an initial contract for postdoctoral fellows at Icahn Mount Sinai. Below, you will find session-by-session updates about the bargaining.

Our postdocs play a vital role in our efforts to push forward the frontiers of biomedical science while developing the experience they need to launch independent careers in academic research or industry. We are committed to reaching an agreement that continues to provide our postdocs with the support they need to advance their personal and professional development, while also advancing our shared dedication to research excellence.

Broadcast Emails

August 7, 2023: Postdoc Union Negotiations

Session-by-Session Updates

Below are the updates from each bargaining session meeting.

Bargaining Updates 11-20-23

Bargaining Updates 10-17-23

Bargaining Updates 9-19-23

Bargaining Updates 3-8-23

Bargaining Updates 2-28-23

Bargaining Updates 2-1-2023

Bargaining Updates 1-23-2023

Bargaining Updates 12-29-2022

Bargaining Update 12-6-2022