Mount Sinai Genomic Health Initiative

Expertise in genomics research and medicine is found throughout Mount Sinai’s many departments, institutes, and centers, leading to groundbreaking collaborations and advancements in technology and patient care. The Mount Sinai Genomic Health Initiative facilitates organization and coordination among this vast array of researchers, working groups, clinicians, and resources to advance our capabilities in research, education, and patient care.

“Harnessing the potential of the human genome is the future of healthcare. The Genomic Health Initiative brings together experts across Mount Sinai aimed at using genomic technology and data to revolutionize with way we prevent and treat diseases. Our faculty of experts in genomics, medicine, and computer science are pioneering approaches to translate genomic discoveries into medical knowledge that will change the way people approach their health and wellness.“

- Dennis S. Charney, Dean of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai




Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences


Understanding genetic variation as it relates to health and disease


Alison Goate


Charles Bronfman Institute for Personalized Medicine


Biobanking to revolutionize medicine and health care


Alexander Charney

Girish Nadkarni


Friedman Brain Institute


Genomic research on neurological and psychiatric disorders


Eric Nestler


Icahn Genomics Institute


Developing new RNA and DNA based therapies


Brian Brown


Institute for Genomic Health


Transforming genomics into new paradigms for preventive health


Eimear Kenny


Mindich Child Health and Development Institute

Understanding effects of genes and environment on childrens health


Bruce Gelb


Tisch Cancer Institute

Advancing clinical breakthroughs to help prevent and eradicate cancer


Ramon Parsons





Division of Genomic Medicine (Department of Medicine)


Integrating genomic information into routine primary care


Michael Murray


Division of Medical Genetics and Genomics (Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences)


Genetic screening, diagnosis and management of adult and pediatric patients with known or suspected genetic disorder


Manisha Balwani


Division of Neurogenetics (Department of Neurology)


Improving the diagnosis and treatment of patients with neurological manifestations from rare genetic diseases


Joanna Jen


Division of Pediatric Genomics (Department of Pediatrics)


Integrating genomic medicine into pediatric clinical care




Center for Advanced Genomic Technology (Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences)

Generating innovative omics technology to enable highly resolved scientific and translational discoveries


Robert Sebra


Center for Disease Neurogenomics

Promoting precision medicine across neuropsychiatric diseases


Panagiotis Roussos

Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Diseases (Mount Sinai Heart)


Implementing and advancing genetic and genomic approaches to improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease

Amy Kontorovich

Center for Transformative Disease Modeling (Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences)

Developing predictive models of diseases towards precision medicine


Bin Zhang

Center for Translational Genomics


Improving the reliability, uptake, and integration of polygenic risk scores (PRS) in clinical practice.


Eimear Kenny


Ronald M. Loeb Center for Alzheimer’s Disease

Advancing the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of Alzheimer's disease using genomics


Alison Goate

Seaver Autism Center (Department of Psychiatry)

Bringing precision medicine to autism, identifying and studying autism genes both preclinically and clinically

Joseph Buxbaum





Providing access to state-of-the-art bioinformatic analysis and training

Ernesto Guccione



A biobank enabling genetic studies on collections of research specimens linked with medical information


Alexander Charney

Girish Nadkarni


Data Ark


A data commons increasing the power, pace, and relevance of our research


Paul O’Reilly
Patricia Kovatch


Genomics Technology Facility


Supporting research with a diverse, world-class next generation sequencing platform (NGS) suite


Robert Sebra


Mount Sinai Million


Initiative to carry out the genetic sequencing of one million Mount Sinai patients within the next five years


Alexander Charney
Girish Nadkarni


Scientific Computing and Data Group


High performance computational and data ecosystem to accelerate scientific discovery


Patricia Kovatch