Quantitative PCR

The qPCR CoRE provides access to fully automated instruments for real-time PCR, droplet digital PCR, Nanostring nCounter analysis, Single cell gene expression analysis, automated nucleic acid isolation, and robotic pipetting. Our facility offers services involving Nanostring nCounter assays, Single cell gene expression analysis, qPCR assay development, allelic discrimination assays, nucleic acid extrac­tions, setting-up qPCR reactions, and qualitative and quantitative RNA/DNA analysis. 

The qPCR CoRE uses iLab for sample submission, equipment reservations, service requests, and billing. Mount Sinai users should log-in to the system as internal users with their active directory credentials. External customers should sign-up for an account. Please see links and resources section in our iLab about our core page for user guides and more information about iLab.

Meet Our Team

Venugopalan Nair, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. of Neurology
Tel: 212-241-5809
Fax: 212-289-4107

Nada Marjanovic
Research Coordinator
Tel: 212-241-6624


For funding purposes, please acknowledge the contribution of the CoRE in your publications and grants that include data derived from our facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our answers to the most frequently asked questions about QPCR CoRE.

A: We have two ABI/Life Technologies 7900HT Real-Time PCR instruments. The instrument is capable of running 384- or 96-well plates and the data can be analyzed using the SDS software (available from the core) installed on a PC. For more information on the instrument, please visit their website.

We have a large collection of validated primers for human, mouse and rat genes. Please contact the core for details.

A: Please use the ‘Custom Project Request’ tab at the qPCR CoRE’s iLab services page and we will contact you to discuss the details.


Input Amounts recommended for Nanostring assays*

Assay Type

Input Amount

Maximum Sample Volume (in dH2O or TE)

mRNA nCounter

100 ng Total RNA

5 μl

mRNA Elements

100 ng Total RNA

13 μl


100 ng Total RNA

3 μl


300 ng purified genomic DNA

7 μl


10 ng unamplified ChIP DNA

3 μl

* The input amounts vary from experiment to experiment. Please consult with the core before submitting your samples.