Grant Application Resource Center

The Grant Application Resource Center (GARC) provides Mount Sinai investigators with information and tools to facilitate their preparation of grant applications and protocols. This is a dynamic website that will be updated frequently as new information becomes available and new needs arise.  We welcome your feedback on enhancements and updates.

Research Wizards and Tools

Below are several research wizards and tools to help you navigate the Grant Application Resource Center.

Protocol Review Wizard

The Protocol Review Wizard creates a personalized list, based on your answers to a series of questions, relating to your specific grant application or protocol.

Research Startup Tool

This role-based research startup tool guides research faculty and staff through the process of initiating research at Mount Sinai. Select a role from the list below.

Agreement Navigator Tool

The Agreement Navigator Tool provides first steps to help you obtain approvals for your research-related agreements.

Statistical Support

For more information on statistical support, please refer to the following departments:

Oncological Sciences

ConduITS – the Institutes for Translational Sciences

The Center for Biostatistics offers state-of-the-art statistical expertise in a wide variety of areas, e.g., clinical trials, biomarker discovery and validation, risk assessment, Bayesian methods, and genetics. For more information email Melissa Chase.

Research Information Technology

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Research Information Technology (Research IT) group provides the following support for researchers: a comprehensive data warehouse, equipment and services scheduling management, database design and management, bio-specimen management and online-investigator training, and reference resources.