MSNseminars (Mount Sinai Neuroscience seminars) is a seminar series competitive program that is organized by Mount Sinai Neuroscience Postdocs. Leading postdoctoral fellows from around the country are selected and invited to who give an institutional seminar and meet with the neuroscience community at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

We are very excited about launching this new initiative—run by our neuroscience postdocs—in order to promote diversity and give selected postdocs a chance to showcase their work. In addition to presenting in an institutional seminar, MSNseminars speakers meet with faculty individually, as well as with graduate students and postdocs. This series provides an excellent opportunity for senior postdocs to present their work as well as network with colleagues and peers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Underrepresented minorities in science are especially encouraged to apply. While postdoctoral researchers from all areas of neuroscience are welcomed to apply, this year the committee is inviting cognitive neuroscientists in particular to submit their applications.

MSNseminars Committee Members and Advisors:

The MSNseminars committee members and faculty advisors include:

Postdoctoral Committee

Angélica Torres Berrio
Anirudh Sattiraju
Anthony Lacagnina
Ana Catarina Ferreira
Jennifer Chan
Catherine Elorette
Kevin Braunscheidel
Ofer Perl
Freddyson Martinez-Rivera
Romain Durand-de Cutteli
Sarah Neuner
Swati Gupta
William Mau
Zoé Christenson Wick