1. Nash Family Department of Neuroscience


Both within and outside the Mount Sinai Health System our investigators have exclusive access to sophisticated facilities, staffed by experts who provide research services, instruction, and training. By taking advantage of our growing body of resources and instrumentation, our scientists develop more effective diagnostic tests and treatments for brain and spinal cord disorders.

Resource Library

Advanced Neuroimaging Research Program

Novel imaging technologies and their application for a wide range of diseases.

BioMedical Engineering & Imaging Institute

Leveraging biomedical sciences and engineering for therapeutic interventions.

Biorepository and Pathology CoRE

A resource of diseased and normal tissues for studies in the research community.

Digital Media Center

Creative solutions and services for Department faculty and staff.

Flow Cytometry CoRE

Instrumentation and expertise to incorporate flow cytometry into your research.

Freezer Farm CoRE

Support systems and services to ensure safety and preservation of materials.

Genomics CoRE

Guiding molecular and single cell technologies through a sequencing platform.

Human Immune Monitoring CoRE

Characterizing immune profiles and responses across a range of disease settings.

Irradiator CoRE

Utilize precision X-ray imaging for irradiation of tissue culture cells and mice.

Mouse Genetics and Gene Targeting CoRE

Production of transgenic and gene targeted mice, and other rodent embryology.

Neurometabolomics and Neuroinformatics CoRE

Apply robust mass spectrometry and bioinformatics to dissect metabolism.

Neuropathology Brain Bank and Research CoRE

Conduct research using human post-mortem brain tissue.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Core Facilities

Further innovation across disciplines to solve pressing global challenges.

Research Information Technology

Pioneering scientific software for the research process.

Scholars Portal

Research information management tool for tracking metrics and impact.

Stem Cell Engineering CoRE

Harness stem cells to repair tissues, model human diseases, and develop therapies.

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