1. Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics
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Situated at the crossroads of computation and experimentation, the Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics multidisciplinary training area advances our understanding of human diseases through the discovery and development of chemical probes, ultimately aiming to forge novel therapeutics and personalized medical approaches. We equip students with the skills needed to unravel disease mechanisms and design innovative drug-like molecules that can modulate biological functions. By integrating diverse disciplines including structural, computational, molecular, and cell biology, as well as biochemistry and synthetic chemistry, this program empowers students to comprehend drug targets and their interactions comprehensively. The training area emphasizes quantitative, predictive comprehension of physiology, pharmacology, organ-level research, and animal studies, facilitating a holistic understanding of biological systems and disease states.

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Research Areas

The faculty of the Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics program conduct research across an incredible breadth of disciplines. Meet the investigators who are changing and advancing the field.

Connective Tissues and Musculoskeletal Disorders researchers include:

Infectious Diseases researchers include:

Quantitative Systems Pharmacology researchers include:

Stem Cells and Tissue Repair researchers include: