Disability Services

The goal of Disability Services at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is to provide a physically and educationally accessible educational environment so that each student is viewed on the basis of ability, not disability.

Our Student Disability Services Office (SDS) staff work with all students in the School of Medicine and the Graduate School to facilitate equal access for students with disabilities by coordinating reasonable accommodations through a variety of support services (including access modification, learning related technology, and extended test times).

Individually designed accommodation plans and services are determined based on the documented needs of each student in conjunction with their program requirements and are created to match the specific disability-related need of each student with those program requirements in mind.

Submitting an Application for Accommodation and Services

Students seeking accommodations and services are required to complete three steps; complete the Application for Accommodations and Services, submit documentation of their disability and meet with staff from SDS. Since accommodations cannot be granted retroactively it is important that you plan ahead and include a minimum of two weeks to process accommodation requests.

Students with self-identified concerns or problems related to academic performance or learning may contact SDS to review their situation.