Student Health and Wellness

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center’s mission is to provide high-quality care to all students. We offer physical exams, illness visits, vaccine administration, sexually transmitted infection and HIV testing, gynecologic exams, and medication refills. We also offer travel consultation (before your appointment, check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for your vaccine and medication needs). See the forms section below for all required forms. There is no co-pay; you will be seen no matter what insurance you have. If you are referred to specialists, you will need to inquire if they participate in your plan.

All students (medical, graduate, PhD, master’s, Genetic Counseling, etc.) have special protection on their Epic healthcare records. This means that any access to their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) will be recorded, and an automatic, random audit of all charts in the system will be conducted every three to four weeks. While this process is random, you can always contact the Epic maintenance office to request a full audit of your chart at any time, should you suspect inappropriate access. 

All student EMR charts are also equipped with an exclusive "alert system." This program sends an automatic "red flag" by email to those who monitor and maintain Epic records at Mount Sinai any time a student accesses another student's EMR. This new program allows a much higher degree of security for students' health care information, as a red flag email will trigger a manual audit of that student's chart. 

There will be full transparency and accountability any time a student reviews another student's chart. Inappropriate access will result in severe penalties, up to and including expulsion. 

You should also be aware of these other HIPAA stipulations:

  • It is a HIPAA violation for students to review EMR of family members.
  • It is a violation of New York State law for students to review their own children's EMR if their child is over 10 years old.
  • Children and family members of Icahn School of Medicine students who receive health care at Mount Sinai should request to have special protection extended to their charts.
  • Students may contact the Epic maintenance office to ask questions or express concerns regarding EMR privacy at the following extensions: x4-4669 and x4-5146.

In the near future, this alert system will also be in place any time a faculty member at Mount Sinai accesses a student's chart. While most of this access will be appropriate (e.g., for care received by a student from a physician at the hospital), an internal audit of the student's chart will occur to make sure nothing inappropriate has occurred. 

Questions, comments, or concerns? Fill out our feedback form.

All students and trainees have access to confidential mental health services  through Student/Trainee Mental Health. Services cover a wide range of mental health issues including consultation, psychotherapy and counseling, medication management, and referrals. Students and trainees most commonly seek treatment for adjustment difficulties, burn-out, depression, anxiety, and attentional symptoms. 

The Student/Trainee Mental Health team will provide care for students and trainees on a short-term basis (up to 12 sessions per year). Treatment through Student/Trainee Mental Health will not incur a bill to the student/trainee regardless of his/her insurance plan. For students and trainees seeking long-term services, or for those who would prefer to see a provider outside of Mount Sinai, Student/Trainee Mental Health will perform initial assessments and provide referrals from a multi-disciplinary base. Any treatment outside of Student/Trainee Mental Health will require payment according to the student/trainee’s insurance plan or a fee negotiated with the outside provider. 

Services through Student/Trainee Mental Health are treated with the same level of confidentiality as required for all patients by New York State Law. Confidentiality is strictly and carefully protected, and any personal medical or psychiatric information will not be released without clear and written consent from the student/trainee. The only instance in which confidentiality can be broken is if a student/trainee is believed to be a danger to himself/herself or to someone else. 

Students and trainees may request an initial appointment with Student/Trainee Mental Health by sending an email (using this template) that briefly describes the reason for your request to

Confidentiality is strictly and carefully protected by HIPAA laws and the ethics of physician/patient relationship. Student Health will not release any personal medical information to anyone without your clear and written consent. HIPAA has a clause to notify the next of kin in case of life-threatening events.

Students entering the following years must complete the following requirements: 

Incoming students must complete all of the documents in the Incoming Student Health Packet. Student Health must receive these documents by fax or email by July 1.

The documents in the Incoming Student Health Packet include:

  1. Student Health Form
  2. Meningococcal Vaccine Response
  3. Consent for Provider Patient Communication
  4. Tuberculosis, Vaccination and Titers Response Form
  5. Physical Exam

First-year students must complete the following requirements before they can start year 2:

  1. Annual Health Assessment Form Due August 30
  2. Tuberculosis Testing (PPD): Due mid-September

Second-year students must complete the following requirements before they can start year 3:

  1. Physical Exam and PPD: You must schedule an appointment at Student Health between January 1 and April 15.

Third-year students must complete the following during InFocus 7 in order to start their fourth year:

  1. Annual Health Assessment Form due August 30
  2. Tuberculosis Testing (PPD)

All students must complete the following on an annual basis:

  1. Tuberculosis screening
  2. Flu vaccination

General office hours are Monday through Wednesday (8:30 am–4:30 pm), Thursday (10 am–5:45 pm), and Friday (8:30 am–3:30 pm).

The Student Health Center is not open during lunch hours on Monday (11 am–12 pm) and Tuesday through Thursday (12–1 pm).

Students should sign into the MARC appointment scheduling system to check available hours and to make appointments. 

Students who are sick and do not see any open appointments should call Student Health at 212-241-6023 during office hours. The Student Health Center will work to accommodate you.

For medical emergencies after hours or on weekends, please go to the emergency room. For urgent care after hours, you may go to one of these locations.