Attendance Standards

To thrive in the Medical Education program, active participation is critical. A lack of attendance for any reason does not absolve you from the responsibility of the material covered in your absence. Students must notify their course and/or clerkship director, and small group preceptor about any anticipated or sudden absence from required patient and didactic responsibilities. You must make sure to have your appropriate phone, email, and/or pager numbers available during your absence. Absences longer than two days require a written doctor’s statement to Student Affairs.

View the below polices for further information:

Excused Absences
This policy contains information about excused absence procedures across all four years of the MD curriculum.

General Attendance
This policy outlines attendance requirements and procedures for absences such as religious observation, jury duty, or illness.

Leave of Absence
This policy outlines all details related to various types of medical student leaves of absence.

Part-Time Enrollment
This policy outlines all details related to attending the School on a part-time basis.