Disability Services

The Director of Disability Services, in conjunction with an advisory group from the Department of Medical Education and the Graduate School, works with all students of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to facilitate equal access for students with disabilities by coordinating reasonable accommodations through a variety of support services (i.e., access modification, learning-related technology, extended test times).

Disability Services provides a physically accessible education environment so that each student is viewed on the basis of their ability—not disability. Individually designed accommodation plans and services are determined based on the documented needs of each student in conjunction with their program requirements.

Students who are seeking accommodations and services are required to submit documentation of their disability. The Director of Disability Services is responsible for determining the acceptability of documentation and reserves the right to require additional information. Students are asked to register by submitting the Application for Accommodations and Services along with disability documentation. Students requesting academic accommodation for a disabling condition must be approved for the academic accommodation prior to the date of exam(s) or course assignments and deadlines. Accommodations cannot be made retroactively once approval is granted by the Director of Disability Services.

For any questions or to make an appointment, please email the Director of Disability Services, Christine Low, MSW at christine.low@mountsinai.org

Students with self-identified concerns or problems related to academic performance or learning may contact the Director of Disability Services to request accommodations. In general, students are welcome to seek evaluation on their own at their own expense. However, administrative referrals for students with academic challenges will be supported by the Office for Student Affairs at the School of Medicine; the Associate Dean supports referrals for Graduate School students.

For more information, see the Disability Services webpage