Assessment and Grading

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai will maintain and provide an accurate grading history for all courses taken by students in the School. Years 1 and 2 at the School are on a pass/fail basis. Exams and quizzes are administered online using Blackboard. If the student believes they have received a final grade that is inaccurate, the student may appeal. The results of the appeal will not result in a lower grade than the first grade posted.

View the below polices for further information:

Grades and Transcripts
This policy outlines how grades appear on a student’s official transcript.

This policy includes information about grading in the MD program.

Grade Appeals
This policy includes information about how to appeal a final grade or narrative grade.

Grade Submission
This policy includes information about the timely submission of final grades.

Online Testing in Years 1 and 2
This policy includes information about the test-taking process for online exams and quizzes.

Scheduling an Alternate Test Window in Years 3 and 4
This policy includes guidelines for making up a NBME subject examination.