The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Registrar’s Office supports teaching and learning by maintaining the integrity of academic policies and the student information system. We are the stewards of student records from application to degree conferral in perpetuity. Our functions include guarding the integrity and security of all student records in accordance with ethical and legal standards, maintaining accurate and timely records of academic progress to provide definitive student status, and providing you with enrollment services necessary to pursue your educational goals.

For additional information about services and academic policies, please contact the Registrar staff in Annenberg 13-30, 212-241-6691.

Academic Standing

As a student, you can be terminated from a degree program at any time if, in the judgment of the Graduate School or the School of Medicine, you fail to make satisfactory progress towards completing your degree (regardless of grades). Bear in mind that different departments and programs may each have their own definitions of satisfactory progress toward completion of the degree. You should further familiarize yourself with the specific expectations of your degree program(s). Examples of unsatisfactory progress may include, but are not limited to, inadequate grade point average (GPA); inadequate research and/or research skills; failure to obtain satisfactory grades in required courses, clerkships, or electives; or failing the candidacy, comprehensive, or final oral examination. It may also relate to the amount of time allotted to complete the required milestones of the curriculum.

We accurately and permanently maintain your status of probation or suspension on your transcript. For further details regarding the specifics of academic standing within the MD program such as academic difficulty, student conduct, and how the promotions committee operates, see the Academic Difficulty and Student Conduct sections of this handbook.

Good Standing

You will be considered in Good Standing if you are not in Serious Academic Status (see section on Academic Status), are otherwise meeting the academic expectations of your degree program, and remain free of any academic or administrative “holds.”


If you are in poor academic standing, you may be placed on probation by the Dean for Medical Education or the Dean for the Graduate School, or their appointed representatives: Academic/Student Affairs Associate Deans in each school, the Promotions Committees, or Graduate School Program Directors. Once you are placed on academic probation, you must make scholarly progress within a specific time period. Students on probation are considered enrolled.


If we withdraw you for failing to maintain good standing, failing to meet the standard educational goals of the program, or if you are suspended from the School, you must spend a defined period of time away from the School. During this period, we may require you to successfully complete activities defined by the School’s Dean, Promotions Committee, or Program Director (in lieu of a Promotions Committee) to be considered for readmission to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Students on suspension are not considered enrolled. See specific sections related to Disciplinary processes in each specific program’s section of the handbook.


We use a system of holds when students fail to meet standard educational obligations. A “hold” initiates the following:

  • Prevents release of your academic transcript or any school documentation (e.g., enrollment verification letter)
  • Freezes your registration status so that you may not register for elective courses until the hold is resolved
  • Freezes your registration status so that you may not continue on to the next term until you have appropriately addressed the hold

You must satisfy all financial obligations before you can register for another term and continue your studies and/or research. If you have a hold, you are not eligible for financial aid refunds until you have properly addressed the hold. The types of ISMMS holds are: Admissions, Academic, Administrative, Student Health, Housing, Financial, and Registrar.


You can request an official copy of your Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai transcript while a student or after you graduate. Please include all necessary information to verify your identity. You can find our document request forms on the Medical School Forms page. We cannot send out transcripts and/or Medical Student Performance Evaluations if you are not in good standing. This includes but is not limited to academic, financial, housing, library, and health holds. To be considered official, a transcript must: 

  • Bear the Registrar's signature
  • Be stamped with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Seal
  • Be sent directly from the Registrar's Office to a designated person or institution
  • Be on official transcript paper

You may request an unofficial copy of their transcript for your personal records. This will be stamped "Student Copy" and may not be accepted for official purposes.

Withdrawal and Readmission

Voluntary Withdrawal

You may voluntarily withdraw from school at any time, upon application to the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs (MD students) or the Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education (PhD and Master’s students) or the Senior Associate Dean of Education (MD/PhD students). If you voluntarily withdraw, you may apply for readmission at a later date. We reserve the right to deny reinstatement either at the time of the withdrawal or at the time of application for reinstatement. The Office for Student Affairs may require an Administrative Evaluation prior to acceptance of a withdrawal. If you fail to comply, you will be dismissed. For further information on withdrawing for a specific program, refer to the degree program section of this handbook.

Administrative Withdrawal

In certain circumstances, you may be administratively withdrawn from the school. Examples may include, but are not limited to: if you have exceeded two years on medical or personal leave, if you gave fail to meet the technical standards required for medical education, or if you fail to pay tuition, fees, medical insurance, or housing bills by the required dates. In addition, we may dismiss a graduate student who repeatedly fails to show up for lab or whose performance in the lab is below acceptable standards, or an MD student who fails Step 1 and Step 2 three times.


You need clearance to withdraw from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. You must complete the Request for Withdrawal paperwork.


MD and MD/PhD students seeking readmission after voluntary withdrawal must complete the Association of American Medical Colleges/Icahn School of Medicine admission process. We do not guarantee readmission.