Security and Safety

The Security Office is located at the main entrance of the Medical Center (1468 Madison Avenue). Security Guard stations are located at the entrance to all buildings on the campus. Security measures at the Icahn School of Medicine are reviewed continuously to provide a secure environment for all who use its facilities. 

The policy requiring all students, faculty, and employees to wear Mount Sinai identification within the complex is implemented for protection and is enforced. The ID card must be displayed and worn upon entering all buildings and while on the premises. A student's personal security is of paramount importance. For this reason Security will, upon request, provide escorts within the Icahn School of Medicine and to on-campus residences. Call ext. 46068 or 46069 (from on-campus phones), or 212-241-6068 / 212-241-6069, approximately 10 to 15 minutes prior to departure.

Security is a function that requires the cooperation of everyone associated with the Icahn School of Medicine. Students are requested to dial "60" on any in-house phone in the event of any emergency or when suspicious activities are observed. At other times, when the assistance of the Security Department is needed, dial ext. 46068 or 46069.

The Housing and Security Subcommittee of the Student Council serves on the ISMMS Advisory Committee on Campus Safety.  The Advisory Committee is comprised of students, faculty and administrators and meets on a regular basis to discuss community safety and security issues..

Cleary Act

Copies of Crime Statistics for the Icahn School of Medicine area are available in the Security Office and the Office of Admissions, in Annenberg 13-90. In addition, information concerning the regulations and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai crime statistic information is available through the U.S. Department of Education website for campus crime statistics or on the Consumer Information web page.

ID Badges

ID Badges are issued by the Security Department on the MC level of Annenberg and must be worn on Mount Sinai Health System grounds. Lost cards may be replaced at the student's expense. The replacement fee is $15.00, paid at the Main Cashier. The receipt is presented to Security Administration for replacement.

Emergency Alert System 

In order to allow for a more coordinated and rapid response to emergency or disaster situations at Mount Sinai, the Medical Center has a messaging system for faculty and students. The Emergency Alert System has the capability of informing students of and delivering instructions regarding city-wide, hospital, or student specific (e.g. student housing intruder) emergencies requiring immediate attention.

Signing up for this system is mandatory for all medical students, as medical students are considered First Responders in the state of New York and are expected to aid in an emergency. During the account creation and activation process  upon matriculation, students are expected to provide their mobile device as the primary contact, but have the option of including a sequence of secondary contacts (e.g. home phone, email, etc.).

Fire Safety

It is critical to student safety as well as patients’ well-being that students know what to do in the event of a fire. There is a session during orientation on fire safety. CODE RED is the mnemonic used to alert the Mount Sinai Community to enact the “RACE” protocol for fire emergencies.

R = Rescue

A = Alarm

C = Confine

E = Extinguish/evacuate

To use a fire extinguisher, the mnemonic is “PASS”:

P = Pull

A = Aim

S = Squeeze

S = Sweep (at the base of the fire)

The number to call in event of a fire is "4-FIRE" (43473) and for other emergencies students should dial "60" from an in-house phone. On Blackboard, under Student Services is a section on emergency preparedness. This includes the fire bell codes for the twelfth and thirteenth floors of the Annenberg building.

The Mount Sinai Intranet has a fire safety video that all students should review.