Health Care Management

The Health Care Management Track prepares you for positions of leadership and management in public health, health, government, and community service organizations. You learn competencies in strategic, ethical, and accountable management practices; state-of-the-art human resource management and supervision; techniques of finance and budgeting; and use of quantitative tools for management accountability and cost effective health care. You also learn to design, implement, and evaluate programs and projects.

This track’s curriculum provides competency-based learning in organizational  development/organization behavior including theory and application, team leadership, relationship building, collaboration and community orientation, social marketing, public relations, and communication as well as in information systems management and assessment. You complete a capstone project as your culminating experience.

Health Care Management Track Checklist

Track-specific Competencies

To make sure our students develop the skills necessary to be successful and productive in the field of public health, and especially in the area of Health Care Management, we have developed a list of skills and content areas for the students in this specialty track:

  • Apply theories of organizational analysis, organizational behavior, and financial analysis to managing and leading public health and health organizations.
  • Design, implement, and manage cost-effective health programs and projects.
  • Apply, manage, and implement human resource practices in an ethical, legally compliant, and culturally responsive manner.
  • Develop skills in team management, collaboration, and leadership to effect change at multiple levels.
  • Appropriately manages various health care payment methodologies for diverse at risk populations.
  • Develop market analyses of population based problems and initiate community partnerships in service development, and evaluation.