1. The Morchand Center
docotr checking patient's ear

The Morchand Center: Our Programs

The Morchand Center offers programs for students and professionals across a spectrum of learning levels.

Working With Standardized Patients

Our programming offers students a multitude of opportunities to train, practice, reinforce learning, receive feedback, and evaluate skills with standardized patients who are hired actors trained to simulate the signs of an illness. Both foundational and advanced competencies thread throughout a longitudinal curriculum.

The basic patient interview, the physical examination, and interpersonal communication skills create a platform for more advanced learning. From this platform, we develop enhanced skills: complex history-taking, advanced clinical reasoning, and communication in challenging situations.

Other Program Assessment Topics

The Morchand Center provides engaging training to a diverse set of learners, with our primary focus being on students from our Medical Education Program. On occasion, we may implement programming for residents, non-clinical health care professionals, and even those entering other career fields.

Previous programming has included:


  • Delivering Bad News
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Medicine
  • Geriatric Palliative Care
  • Medical Needs of Culturally Diverse Populations
  • Organ Donation Consent Coordinator Approach Training
  • Communicating a Medical Error
  • Obtaining Consent for Autopsy
  • Counseling Patients on Pharmaceutical Advertising
  • Employee Customer Service Training
  • End of Life Issues Counseling: Advance Directives, Health Care Proxy, Organ Donation
  • Genetics Counseling