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Scholarly Year

At the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, we want our physicians in training to be lifelong learners, growing and adapting as medicine evolves. This approach provides the highest quality medical care for patients, but also serves as an intellectually fulfilling experience for our students.

Medical students have many opportunities to enrich their education, yet the demands of required coursework and clinical responsibilities can limit choices. This is why nearly a third of each class elects to spend a full year carrying out a scholarly project.

Students who choose a scholarly year can take it in a variety of settings; we encourage both scientific and humanities-based projects, as they have a direct connection to health care and the communities we serve. Students may choose a research project to obtain mentorship or one-on-one research training, through which they learn more about a specialty area while building up their research portfolio.

To take advantage of the Scholarly Year, students need to be in good academic standing, have completed their second or third year, and be committed to spending a year on their project. Scholarly projects may be conducted at Icahn Mount Sinai or another approved site.

Exploring a Scholarly Year

If you are considering a Scholarly Year, please begin by meeting with a faculty member in the Medical Student Research Office to discuss your plans. They will help you review fellowship programs that support your goals and objectives, such as the Howard Hughes Research Scholars Program, or the NIH Medical Research Scholars Program, as well as other sources of funding. We also suggest that you review the program guidelines in advance.

The project that you choose must pose a question of scientific, social, or other scholarly value, and completion must be feasible within the timeframe. Other than those in a national research fellowship program, all requests must be approved by the Medical Student Research Office.

To apply, please complete the Scholarly Year Request Form. Students who are returning from a Research Scholarly Year must submit the Return from Scholarly Year Request Form. Students who are pursuing a degree program or consulting fellowship should contact Student Affairs.

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