Graduate School Team

Meet the distinguished team of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences:

Leadership Council  

Marta Filizola, PhD
Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Professor, Pharmacological Sciences 
Professor, Neuroscience

Margaret H. Baron, MD, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Education
Director, MD/PhD Program 
Professor, Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology
Professor, Oncological Sciences
Professor, Cell, Developmental & Regenerative Biology

Basil Hanss, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Career Development
Associate Dean for Graduate School Well-being and Resilience
Director, Master of Biomedical Sciences
Associate Professor, Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine
Associate Professor, Pharmacological Sciences
Associate Professor, Department of Medical Education

Guy Montgomery, PhD
Faculty Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
Associate Professor, Oncological Sciences
Associate Professor, Psychiatry  

Brian Nickerson, PhD, JD 
Senior Associate Dean for Master's Programs 
Administrative Director, Master in Health Care Delivery Leadership Program 

Matthew O'Connell, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Curriculum, Recruitment and Admissions 
Professor, Oncological Sciences

Eric Sobie, PhD 
Senior Associate Dean for Programmatic Development 
Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics

Randi Schwartz, MBA 
Associate Dean for Graduate School Administration

Program Directors

Administrative Staff

Elisabeth Brodbeck, MPH, MA, Administrative Director, Public Health Program 
Christine Cortalano, MPH, Program Manager, Public Health Program 
Frank Emerson, Administrative Assistant, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs 
Kelly Gentry, MA, LAC— Manager for Career Services & Alumni Relations, Public Health Program 
Arjana Gjokaj, Program Coordinator, Support/Admissions, Graduate School  
Carol Johnson, Administrative Secretary, Graduate School 
Lisa Karger, MS, CGC, Assistant Director, Genetic Counseling  
Herb Lopez, Program Manager, MS in Health Delivery & Leadership 
Katrien Mattis, MA— Coordinator for Admissions & Recruitment, Public Health Program 
Deidra McKoy, Program Manager, MS in Biostatistics  
Sophie Miller, Supervisor of Technology & Learning Environments, Graduate School 
Fatima, Nabizada-Pace, MPH, Associate Director, Clinical Research  
Rewtie Offin, M. Ed., Program Manager, PhD & MSBS Program 
Roland Pinzon, MBA, Program Manager, MS in Biomedical Informatics 
Theresa Scarabino, Program Manager, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs 
Ellie Schmelzer, PhD, Director, Career Services & Strategy 
Courtney Scott, Marketing Coordinator, Graduate School
Suzanne Small, Program Coordinator, Office of the Dean  
Bianca Taylor-Starobin, MSEd, Program Manager, MD/PhD Program  
Osei Tutu, Financial Analyst, Graduate School 
Jennifer Valdivia Espino, MS, Program Coordinator, Students Affairs, Public Health Program