Graduate School Program Directors

Meet the program directors within the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences:

PhD Programs

At The Graduate School we offer top-ranked and highly-regarded PhD Programs in Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience, and Clinical Research. These programs are led by researchers who are leaders in their fields.

Pharmacology and Therapeutics Discovery
Jian Jin, PhD, Co-Director
Eric Sobie, PhD, Co-Director

Cancer Biology
Doris Germain, PhD, Co-Director
James Manfredi, PhD, Co-Director  

Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cells
Robert S. Krauss, PhD, Co-Director
Florence Marlow, PhD, Co-Director

Genetics and Data Science
Sander Houten, PhD, Co-Director
Andrew J. Sharp, PhD, Co-Director

Jeremiah Faith, PhD, Co-Director
Konstantina Alexandropoulos, PhD, Co-Director

Ana Fernandez-Sesma, PhD, Co-Director
Jean K. Lim, PhD, Co-Director

George W. Huntley, PhD, Co-Director

Clinical Research 
Janice L. Gabrilove, MD, Director
Alan J. Moskowitz, MD, Co-Director 
Emilia Bagiella, PhD, Co-Director 
Inga Peter, PhD, Co-Director
Fatima Nabizada-Pace, MPH, Associate Director

Masters Programs

Our seven Master’s degree programs are led by a notable team of faculty and researchers.

Biomedical Data Science
Anthony Costa, PhD, Co-Director
Eric Sobie, PhD, Co-Director

Biomedical Sciences
Basil Hanss, PhD, Director

Emilia Bagiella, PhD, Co-Director
Emma Benn, MPH, DrPH, Co-Director

Clinical Research
Janice L. Gabrilove, MD, Director 
Alan J. Moskowitz, MD, Co-Director
Fatima Nabizada-Pace, MPH, Associate Director

Genetic Counseling
Randi E. Zinberg, MS, Director 
Lisa Karger, MS, CGC, Assistant Director 

Health Care Delivery Leadership
Brian J. Nickerson, PhD, JD, Director

Public Health 
Nils Hennig, MD, PhD, MPH, Director 
Elisabeth Brodbeck, MPH, MA, Associate Director 

Dual-Degree Programs

At the Icahn School of Medicine, we offer many dual degree and specialty programs to provide education and training for students. These programs are led by faculty of the Graduate School and Medical Education Program.

Margaret H. Baron, MD, PhD, Director
Eric J. Nestler, MD, PhD, Senior Advisor
Benjamin K Chen, MD, PhD, Associate Director
Talia H. Swartz, MD, PhD, Associate Director

Janice L. Gabrilove, MD, Co-Director
Keith Siegel, MD, PhD, Co-Director

Nils Hennig, MD, PhD, MPH, Director 
Elisabeth Brodbeck, MPH, MA, Associate Director 

Nils Hennig, MD, PhD, MPH, Director 
Elisabeth Brodbeck, MPH, MA, Associate Director

Nils Hennig, MD, PhD, MPH, Director
Elisabeth Brodbeck, MPH, MA, Associate Director

Physician Scholar's Program 
Antonia S. New, MD, Coordinator for Psychiatry 
Asher Simon, MD, Coordinator for Psychiatry 
Mone Zaidi, MD, PhD, Coordinator for Medicine 
Percio Gulko, MD, Coordinator for Medicine 
David C. Thomas, MD, Coordinator for Medicine 
Salvatore Cilmi, MD, Coordinator for Medicine 
Joel Forman, MD, Coordinator for Pediatrics 
Stephen Krieger, MD, Coordinator for Neurology

Non-Degree Programs

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences faculty also oversee a number of non-degree programs geared to high school, undergraduate, and post-graduate students.

Advanced Certificate in Public Health
Nils Hennig, MD, PhD, MPH, Director 
Elisabeth Brodbeck, MPH, MA, Associate Director 

Clinical Research Training Program
Janice L. Gabrilove, MD, Director
Alan J. Moskowitz, MD, Co-Director 

Community Research Education and Engagement for Data Science
Patricia Kovatch, Course Director
Andrew Sharp, PhD, Course Director
Luz Claudio, PhD, Course Director 

Fogarty International Program in Research Ethics
Rosamond Rhodes, PhD, Director
Nada Gligorov, PhD, Associate Director 

Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program
Eric Sobie, PhD, Director 

Summer Undergraduate Research Program
Kristen Brennand, PhD, Co-Director
Dusan Bogunovic, PhD, Co-Director