Scientist Titles (Non-faculty Positions)

Assistant Scientist, Associate Scientist, and Scientist are non-faculty, non-bargaining unit titles appropriate for scientists whose roles are completely dependent on the work of a particular investigator. Individuals hired into any of the three “Scientist” titles do not have their own funding and function as part of a laboratory team; they may be critically important to an investigator, which in turn may benefit the institution as a whole.

Appointment to a “Scientist” title is at the discretion of Department Chairs and Center Directors. Offers may be extended to individuals with doctoral, master’s or bachelor’s degrees who have completed their academic training and possess the breadth of knowledge and the technical expertise required by the laboratory in which they work.

Below are brief descriptions of the three “Scientist” titles.

Assistant Scientist
This position is intended for young scientists who are deemed to have the potential for helping one area of investigation in a particular investigator’s laboratory.

Associate Scientist
This position is intended for scientists who have demonstrated their on-going value to an individual investigator’s laboratory through diligent and highly competent completion of functions. They are adept at mastering new techniques and developing new skills that enable them to perform an expanding range of important services within the laboratory. Accomplishment will be reflected through such evidence as authorship on papers emanating from the laboratory.

Senior Scientist
This position is intended for mature scientists who over time have acquired a broad range of skills and experience. These individuals are a critical component of an investigator’s laboratory, without which at least one area of investigation would cease. Senior Scientists must demonstrate a capacity for collaboration and innovation along with consistently high productivity, making them an essential part of the laboratory in which they work.

Information on benefits and salary ranges can be obtained from the Human Resources Recruitment and Staffing Office at 212-731-7755.