Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel

The Department of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Beth Israel runs a well-established, dynamic Fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry. In our 28-bed inpatient dual diagnosis unit, we focus on treating patients needing acute care with co-occurring psychiatric and addictive disorders. Through Stuyvesant Square Chemical Dependency Services, we offer inpatient and ambulatory detoxification as well. Mount Sinai Beth Israel also operates one of the largest methadone programs in the country. As a fellow, this combination gives you access to a rich diversity of clinical experience.

Rotations, Caseload, and Other Activities

This one-year fellowship consists of three rotations of four months each, as well as an ongoing caseload and other responsibilities.

Dual Diagnosis Rotation

During this rotation you work on the dual diagnosis inpatient psychiatric unit with a multidisciplinary staff with expertise in addiction care. You become an integral part of the team, gaining experience in managing complicated patients, including withdrawal states comorbid with significant psychopathology. You also supervise PGY-2 residents who rotate through the unit.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Rotation

For this rotation, you work on the inpatient rehabilitation unit where patients can stay up to 28 days. You interact with the treatment team, sit in rounds, participate in evaluations, observe and co-lead groups and learn about family therapy in addiction treatment. You consult with patients experiencing psychiatric issues and assist in managing their care under attending supervision.

Acute Inpatient Detox Rotation

You learn about acute detoxification during this rotation, consulting with patients in the 30-bed acute detoxification program.

Each four-month rotation also includes a weekly rotation at the outpatient pain clinic to learn about pain management and consult with patients who have comorbid chronic pain and addictive issues. You also have a weekly rotation in a methadone maintenance treatment program, attending clinical meetings, performing evaluations, and becoming familiar with the day-to-day operations of the program. Your third weekly rotation takes place in the emergency department, where you consult with patients experiencing substance related issues in need of acute care.

Throughout the year, you carry a varied outpatient caseload with opportunities to apply different treatment modalities, including medication management and motivational interviewing. You co-lead a group once weekly with an experienced addiction social worker for mentally ill substance abusers, participate in a weekly journal club, and attend a twice monthly motivational interviewing seminar and a regularly scheduled addiction psychiatry seminar series.

During your fellowship, you initiate or join a research project, later presenting its findings during departmental Grand Rounds. You can explore opportunities and mentorship within Mount Sinai Beth Israel and throughout the Mount Sinai Health System.  

This fellowship was founded in 1994 and first accredited by the ACGME in 1995, the first year of accreditation for training programs in addiction psychiatry.