IcahnBeWell—Student Wellness Program

IcahnBeWell is a program dedicated to improving the well-being of every student at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. We host events and share resources to support all aspects of wellness: spiritual, emotional, physical, professional, social, and financial. Through research, IcahnBeWell monitors the general wellness of the student body to inform changes to both student life and academic curricula. We strive to bring together a community of students, staff, and faculty that supports holistic well-being following the six pillars of wellness.

Spiritual wellness means something unique for each person and can be cultivated by exploring one’s sense of purpose and greater meaning in life. The pressures of medical and graduate education can result in disruption of your sense of self and purpose. We recommend the following resources to support those reconnecting with their spiritual selves:

Emotional wellness involves awareness, management, and acceptance of one’s feelings through periods of change, growth, and development in order to promote an overall sense of balance and trust that things can be re-balanced when necessary. For students having difficulty managing stress or otherwise maintaining mental well-being, a variety of resources are available to help:

Professional wellness is characterized by fulfillment from one’s academics, research, and/or chosen career field through engaging experiences and learning opportunities while maintaining balance of personal priorities. Many resources are available to ensure you are prepared and supported while pursuing your professional goals:

Social wellness is the ability to connect and communicate with others through positive and supportive relationships in various aspects of life. IcahnBeWell hopes to nurture an engaged community of students who support each other through the shared experience of their graduate education. Here are some resources:

Financial wellness is the ability to manage your resources in a way that minimizes stress or uncertainty about the future. IcahnBeWell suggests the following resources to learn more about financial aid, scholarships, and other information about your financial options:

Students who are sick and do not see any open appointments on MARC should call Student Health at 212-241-6023 during office hours. Student Health will work to accommodate you. For medical emergencies after hours or on weekends, go to the Emergency Room.

For emergency mental health services, contact the psychiatrist on-call through the page operator at 212-241-5581, call the Psychiatric Emergency Service at 212-241-5637, or go to the Emergency Room.