The Friedman Brain Institute

Research Centers and Institutes

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai faculty devote a significant portion of their time to research. Explore the research centers and institutes allied to The Friedman Brain Institute. 

Research Centers

Research Centers affiliated with The Friedman Brain Institute include:

  • Advanced Neuroimaging Research Program
    State-of-the-art brain imaging has allowed a first-time glimpse into the structure, functioning, and connectivity of the human and animal brain in both healthy and disease states—findings of broad relevance across medical research and clinical programs.
    Director: Priti Balchandani, PhD
  • Center for Advanced Circuit Therapeutics
    Advancing  precision surgical treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders through
the rapid translation of neuroscience and neuroengineering innovations that
correct brain circuit abnormalities and restore mood, motor, and cognitive functioning.
    Director: Helen S. Mayberg, MD
  • Neurosurgery Simulation Core
    The Neurosurgery Simulation Core is actively involved in a variety of research projects, both basic and applied, to advance the field of Neurosurgical Simulation. We engage in a collaborative approach with academia and our industry partners to develop real-world, clinically relevant solutions to problems.
    Director: Anthony B Costa, PhD 

Research Institutes

Research Institutes associated with The Friedman Brain Institute include:

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