The Friedman Brain Institute

Research Centers and Institutes

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai faculty devote a significant portion of their time to research. Explore the research centers and institutes allied to The Friedman Brain Institute.

Research Centers

Research Centers affiliated with The Friedman Brain Institute include:

  • Advanced Neuroimaging Research Program
    State-of-the-art brain imaging has allowed a first-time glimpse into the structure, functioning, and connectivity of the human and animal brain in both healthy and disease states—findings of broad relevance across medical research and clinical programs.
    Director: Priti Balchandani, PhD
  • Neurosurgery Simulation Core
    The Neurosurgery Simulation Core is actively involved in a variety of research projects, both basic and applied, to advance the field of Neurosurgical Simulation. We engage in a collaborative approach with academia and our industry partners to develop real-world, clinically relevant solutions to problems.
    Director: Anthony B Costa, PhD

Research Institutes

Research Institutes associated with The Friedman Brain Institute include:

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