Learning Environment

At the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS), we provide more than just a rigorous, high quality medical education. We offer a supportive, inspiring, and personalized learning environment to help you reach your maximum potential – both as a human being and as a physician that will fundamentally change health care. Our MD program, one of the best in the country, prepares students for the opportunities and challenges of practicing medicine and biomedical research in the 21st century.

We provide you the analytical tools needed for research; the skills to work in interprofessional teams; a passion for self-directed learning; and an appreciation for applying science to address disparities locally and globally.

We thread four themes throughout our curriculum:

  • Research and Discovery: Providing the skills necessary for scholarly exploration
  • Service Learning: Combining community service with adequate preparation and reflection
  • Global Health: Improving the health of people around the world through enduring partnerships, education, research, and patient care
  • Frontiers in Science: Embedding real world science into the classroom and highlighting where biomedical research is headed

Curriculum Highlights

Our curriculum offers full immersion in the study and practice of patient care.

  • InFocus weeks across all four years explore vital topics such as research methods, global health, service learning, leadership, patient safety and quality, and scientific innovation. During these weeks you do not have other class obligations.
  • Clinical, translational, basic, or educational research opportunities mentored by world-class faculty that culminate in a required independent scholarly product.
  • Active, small group, and team-based learning opportunities that encourage collective problem solving and peer teaching.
  • A Longitudinal Clinical Experience partnering pairs of medical students with a patient and supervising physician.
  • Protected half-days of Flex Time in Years 1 and 2 for self-directed individualized learning, discovery, and leadership development.
  • The SCHOLaR (Scholarship and Research) Program, which offers you the opportunity to obtain mentored research training to develop a scholarly project. You identify mentors and then work with a track advisor, along with your mentors, to develop projects that fulfill the scholarly product requirement.
  • A strong emphasis on service learning and urban primary care in the curriculum and in the community.
  • Opportunities to travel internationally and participate in advanced mentored missions that address the health care, education, research, and public health needs of our global community.
  • Ample time and mentorship for exploration of career choices, and flexible scheduling including the option of adding a Scholarly Year.
  • Specialty-specific skills-based preparation for supervised practice in residency.
  • Prestigious “Distinction in Research” and “Distinction in Medical Education” opportunities.
  • Training in Narcan administration for all medical students
  • Four year wellness curriculum includes resilience training