SCHOLaR Program

The Scholarship and Research (SCHOLaR) program provides students with fundamental research skills and mentored research training. The SCHOLaR Program, enables students to develop their understanding the scientific method in medicine, encourages creativity, and supports their dedication to advancing science to deliver the highest quality patient care possible.

SCHOLaR includes longitudinal sessions on research skill development and didactic training.  Concurrent with their research coursework, medical students participate in research during the summer between Years 1 and 2.  Students are supported by a content mentor and a track advisor who will help them complete a rigorous scholarly project to be presented at the annual Medical Student Research Day and fulfill their graduation requirement.  

Medical students have a research graduation requirement that most fulfill within the first two years of training with the support of the SCHOLaR program. 

The SCHOLaR Program consists of:

  • Research Curriculum: Classroom and multimedia materials to learn about study design, statistics, and evaluation of a research manuscript
  • Advisors: Guided navigation for finding a mentor, research study, and funding
  • Summer Research: Developing and conducting a stud
  • Presentation of study findings at Medical Student Research Day